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Floor Coating Products Overview


EpoxyPRO Product Overview


PRESERVE: EpoxyPRO is a two-component product that when mixed together forms a 100% solids epoxy floor sealer. EpoxyPRO is superior to cheap garage floor paint and other coatings because epoxies form a harder, denser, more durable film than either paint or urethane-based coatings. EpoxyPRO is superior to other epoxy-type coatings because it is 100% solids.

PROTECT: Unprotected concrete floors will wear, be stained by oils and fluids, and be damaged by the corrosive effects of snow and ice-melting chemicals such as rock salt. EpoxyPRO's floor coating system protects concrete from wear because it is actually harder and more durable than the concrete itself. EpoxyPRO's hard, durable epoxy is so dense that oils and fluids cannot penetrate its surface to soak in and cause staining. EpoxyPRO is impervious to rock salt and other ice-melting chemicals. EpoxyPRO restores, protects and beautifies your floors.

BEAUTIFY: The decorative fleck serves to enhance the appearance of the surface to complement the epoxy color for a professional and eye-catching look.