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EpoxyPro Floor Paint Kit For Your Laundry room, Covered Porch/Patio, or Mudroom

Invigorate your laundry room, enclosed patios and porches, or your mudroom with a fresh, maintenance free new look that will beautify your home and increase the value of it. EpoxyPro Floor Painting Kit is the perfect way to give your house a finished, professional look at a fraction of the price it would take to hire someone for the job.

Laundry rooms, enclosed patios and porches, and mud rooms are often overlooked during remodeling or restoration. If you have an existing room that needs energized, resurfacing is a great option.

The complete kit, with easy-to-follow instructions, will guide you through the entire process. (Tool colors and styles may vary from image shown.) Before the easy-installation process, make sure you have a clean surface by sweeping and vacuuming the floor to remove all dirt, dust, and debris. Patch any spider cracks using a non-silicon, latex, paint-able caulk. For larger cracks, use a cementitious crack repair patch kit that can be found in most hardware stores. Clean and etch (diamond grind, shot blaster) the floor surface before coating. Vacuum or rinse thoroughly with water, and allow the floor to dry completely prior to installing.

Our Floor Kit will not only give your enlcosed patio, porch or mudroom a finished look, but it is also easy to clean, will hide annoying imperfections in the concrete, and the aluminum oxide (non-slip additive) will give you and your guest the grip needed on a rainy or snowy day.

Give your laundry room, enclosed patio/porch, or mud room a professional finish that will last a lifetime.


Purchase an Epoxy kit for your patio and watch the transformation begin!