How to Apply Epoxy Floors DIY

How to apply epoxy flooring DIY


Tools require to apply Epoxy Floors

Cordless Drill or low variable speed electric drill – VERY IMPORTANT: NEVER MIX BY HAND

  • Mixing Wand
  • 1 – 5-gallon bucket for mixing
  • Roller Frame, 9” or 18”
  • 3/8” Nap Roller cover, 9” or 18”
  • Spiked shoes, optional
  • Notched Squeegee
  • Diamond grinder machine (optional)
  • Shop vac (recommended) or broom and dustpan

Tips for Best Results when Appling Epoxy Floors

  • Always use 3/8” nap size covers and roll out epoxy across floor eliminating any puddles.
  • Fill all cracks with our Epoxy Pro 100% Solids Resin Floor Patch System.

KEEP IN MIND: Mix Parts A & B for no less than 4 MINUTES. Once mixed IMMEDIATELY pour all of the epoxy out onto the floor and then proceed quickly as coating will begin to set up in approximately 30 MINUTES.

Floor preparation prior to applying Epoxy floors.

Fill any existing cracks. Let dry according to product directions. When dry sand/diamond grind floor gently removing any old existing coatings. Sweep up and/or vacuum thoroughly. If you suspect any pre-existing contamination such as; Armor All and/or other silicone products, oils and/or any other chemical contamination feel free to give us a call for further instructions.

Preparation prior to Mixing:

  • Assemble poles, roller frames, covers & spiked shoes. Tape off baseboards at 1/16” from the floor.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Securely attach spiked shoes (optional use*) onto your shoes before mixing.

PLEASE NOTE: KIT packaging may vary. Materials (2 gallons Part A and 1 gallon Part B) may be packaged in a separate box or in the same box with the 5 gallon (part A) bucket.

STEP 1: Mixing Pure Epoxy

100% Solids 2 to 1 Ratio (2 Parts A to 1 Part B)

Mix Parts A & B (1-gallon part A to ½ gallon part B) for no less than 4 minutes. 

STEP 2: Pour/Squeegee:

Once mixed IMMEDIATELY pour out all of the epoxy into a long puddle at the furthest point of the room 6 inches from the wall. Begin the squeegee process of pushing the puddle from one side of the room to the other and working away from the starting point wall until floor is evenly and completely coated. You will have approximately 30 minutes to apply before coating starts to set up. Follow immediately with next step. 

STEP 3: Roll finish & Trim brush:

Roll out squeegeed epoxy material until coating is even and to help with self-levelling, and then follow rolling by using a trim brush around the edges. 

STEP 4: Decorative Paint Chips & Non-Skid Broadcast:

Apply Paint Chips First: while walking in spiked shoes, by hand throw a golf ball size amount of chips toward the ceiling in an upward and underhanded motion allowing the chips to fall in a wide even pattern.

Apply Non-Slip Second: place aluminum oxide into a hand held “Scott’s” brand hand fertilizer broadcaster. Set on 1 or 2 and pull trigger while hand cranking evenly across the entire floor while walking in spiked shoes.

Cure time for applying Epoxy floors

Cure Time: 16 to 24 hours


  • If choosing to wear spiked shoes please securely attach them to your shoes before mixing.
  • Do NOT DRAG SPIKED SHOES across the wet epoxy. Carefully lift your feet up and down one at a time.
  • Do NOT walk on wet epoxy without spiked shoes.
  • Without the use of spiked shoes; to ensure enough work time mixing smaller batches of epoxy is recommended so that you can reach across sections of flooring to squeegee, roll, fleck, broadcast (aggregate) smaller areas at a time while standing on concrete substrate. If working in smaller sections we recommend vacuuming up of any loose fleck and aggregate off of next concrete section to be coated before proceeding.
  • Check coating surface for tackiness, approximate readiness; Light foot traffic: 12 hours/vehicles 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours carry and set down – DO NOT DRAG – heavy items/equipment across freshly cured coating.
  • Helpful Tip: Before starting your project add our phone number into your contacts for quick access just in case you need us! Need assistance?

Applying Epoxy Floors Case Study:

The Stone Outlet of Florida was looking for aesthetically pleasing, durable, and maintenance free flooring to replace the industrial epoxy flooring in their facility that was dull and failing in many areas and had many uneven spots all of which was not very good presentation of their company for their customers.

Epoxy PRO was called in to provide a quote for 50,000 sq.ft. of epoxy for their state–of–the–art showroom including their manufacturing and service areas. Epoxy PRO was referred by a client who had recently had Epoxy PRO come in and install a floor system in their home and being very satisfied with their new epoxy flooring, recommended them to The Stone House Of Florida because Epoxy PRO, having over 30 years of experience under their belt they felt they were a company of high standards and did quality work. When Epoxy PRO completed their assessment of the current conditions of the floor (oil, grease, uneven areas, etc.) and the expectations of the customer, Epoxy PRO was able to offer a remedy to the oil, grease, and other existing harsh chemical contaminates that penetrated into the concrete substrate with an epoxy system that suited all of their needs and within their budget and time frame.

The Stone Outlet of Florida chose the color white for their epoxy floor color and so a 2-part solvent based epoxy white colored primer was required as a base coat. The topcoat system that EpoxyPRO recommended was a 12-20 mil coat of Epoxy PRO’s 100% solids epoxy resins Pure Epoxy Paint Floor Coating system. Our Pure Epoxy Floor Coating system is, within itself, a topcoat. But at the request of the customer who desires increased shine and an added impact resistant topcoat, EpoxyPRO recommends their High Wear Polyurethane topcoat to be installed as the finishing coat. Besides Epoxy PRO’s High Wear Polyurethane, EpoxyPRO also has a 3-part Moisture Cured Polyurethane which also adds additional impact resistance and utilizes the addition of a 3rd component to its urethane system that consists of a non-slip additive. First Steps to a great epoxy installation requires the floor to be thoroughly shot blasted or diamond ground to clean the concrete and remove previous layers of failing concrete floor coverings. After the shot-blasting and/or diamond grinding and vacuuming, Epoxy PRO then was able to ascertain whether the existing substrate was in good condition or if any reinforcement of any concrete areas was required. In order to ensure an optimum epoxy adhesion bond, a solid concrete substrate is essential. If the concrete had been found to have areas of substrate breakdown that required repairs a professional concrete installer would have had to be called in to repair the concrete before the epoxy floor coating could be installed. However, in this instance, once the concrete passed inspection EpoxyPRO was able to continue with the epoxy installation process. And began the next step which is taping off base boards and/or door frames, machinery, plumbing, pipes, drain holes, any fixed equipment, shelving feet and the like, and etc… Next,

Epoxy PRO, mixed their 2-component solvent-based epoxy primer and applied it to the prepped concrete. Then after allowing adequate time for the primer to dry, EpoxyPRO then mixed up the second product which was Epoxy PRO’s pure epoxy floor paint coating system, which is also a 2-component epoxy system, and once mixed immediately poured it all out onto the primer coated concrete. Using a squeegee the epoxy was spread evenly on top of the white colored primer coat and immediately after the squeegee process was complete, they immediately began the roll out process. As soon as the roll out process was completed the floor system installation for The Stone Outlet of Florida was complete and ready for foot traffic in 16 hours and hi-lows, fork lifts, or any other motorized vehicles in 24 hours.

The Stone Outlet of Florida was excited to see the smooth bright surface, high gloss shimmer and light reflectivity of their new epoxy floor system, and just like the customer who referred them to EpoxyPRO to begin with they were very appreciative for the attention to detail that EpoxyPRO put into their project. The Stone Outlet of Florida finds their facility easier to clean and the showroom sparkles with all the lights reflecting off all the different materials that comprise their showroom. Customers have also said how remarkable the light reflection off the floor is and ask who installed it… leading to more happy customers…

Why Choose Epoxy PRO Epoxy Floor Coating Systems over water-based epoxy floor coatings… 


  • a concrete substrate is a porous surface that allows for the absorption of moisture harmful chemicals and outgassing.
  • Concrete can be damaged and easily stained and contaminated by motor oil, battery acid, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and the like.
  • Concrete substrates trap dirt and contaminants, they’re difficult and time-consuming to clean, have zero light reflectivity, and they are also subject to cracking and spalling.

Water-based epoxy products are a permanent problem and a waste of money, time and energy because they are not durable and stain resistant. Whereas Epoxy PRO, epoxy floor paint coating systems are a permanent solution and can last a lifetime when properly applied.

Throughout our website you have most likely already learned a lot about 100% solids epoxy and know the advantages of choosing Epoxy PRO Floor Coatings over water-based epoxies… So, here are some CONS of using water-based epoxy floor coatings:

  • Water-based epoxy is porous and traps dirt and grime.
  • Water based epoxy floor coatings are only 1 1/2 to 2 mils thick, are not self-levelling and leave brush and roller marks, unlike 100% solids epoxy floor paint coatings which are self-levelling.
  • Water-based epoxy lack durability qualities in their formulation and they do not fill cracks and imperfections in concrete.

Water-based epoxy coatings only have a lifespan of only 1 to 2 years, with only 300 pounds PSI they are not chemical or oil resistant, nor do they have any wear resistance properties and therefore water-based epoxies can result in lifting due to hot tire marks, shrinkage and evaporation.

Hope you enjoyed our article on How to apply Epoxy floors. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-703-7699