Garage Floors

Unprotected concrete garage floors are porous and literally act like a sponge trapping dust, stains and absorbing liquid contaminates, corrosive fluids such as battery acids, transmission fluids, power steering fluids, rock salt or alternative ice melt chemical- based products, as well as silicone-based tire cleaning and polishing products.

When tire cleaners such as “Armor All”, or “Meguiars Ultimate Black Tire Coating,” and others like them are applied to tires on the garage floor

Garage floor epoxy

The silicone spray falls onto the concrete floor and then absorbs into the concrete depositing silicone which will prevent epoxy coatings from adhering to the concrete floor. In the long run, for the sake shiny-new-looking tires, most people don’t think about what damage silicone alone will do to an unprotected concrete floor. People do not realize that besides the normal everyday contaminates that can occur in a garage there may also be unseen contaminate damages that you may not see that is caused by these types of products.

Floor Epoxy Kit for Garages with Epoxy Pro

Like all other contaminates commonly found in a garage, silicone products don’t just sink down into unprotected concrete but they also compound the damage. Most contaminates found in a garage can be remediated to the point of optimal bond adhesion for floor coatings with the use of proper degreasing agents followed by Epoxy Pro Oil Stop Primer. Silicone products create a much bigger problem and one that is harder to remediate. Unlike other contaminates which are easier to remedy, silicone builds up a slick waxy substance down into the pores of the concrete and filling up those pores which then prevents bond adhesion of floor coatings.

With an unprotected concrete floor or inadequately protected substrate, all of these aforementioned products not only irreversibly contaminate the concrete floor substrate but they seep deep down beneath the concrete slab and also contaminate the environment below the concrete surface causing a host of long-term environmental issues and concerns.

Contaminates of all kinds will ultimately contaminate and deteriorate your unprotected concrete floors, and the environment below, from top to bottom.

Garage Floor Epoxy Kit Info


Epoxy Pro Industrial grade floor coatings are USDA approved and made of 100% solids epoxy and provide an anti-microbial non-porous, high gloss shield of protection and high heat resistance (against hot car tires) of which oils, salts, fluids, and silicone – based products cannot penetrate its protective shield, preventing surface and subsurface contamination.

Epoxy Pro DIY Garage Floor Epoxy coatings non-porous, high gloss and seamless finish will give your garage or shop up to 400% increased light reflectivity. Epoxy Pro is easy to clean, maintenance free, hides annoying imperfections that the concrete may have, and provides an extremely protective shield that is 10,000 X compression strength per square inch (psi) (versus concrete 400 pounds (psi). Epoxy Pro Pure Epoxy Floor Paint Coating Kit also offers many color options of solid color and/or custom epoxy colors of which you may choose – with or without decorative paint chips. Our epoxy paint chips are available in ¼ inch size paint chips or 1/16-inch size micro size paint chips. Epoxy Paint Chips, fleck, and/or flakes are broadcast onto the top of the wet epoxy floor surface immediately after the finish rolling step is complete. EpoxyPRO also offers many blend choices of which to pick from, or you can call us for single color paint chips in either size (¼ inch or 1/16 inch) to create your own customized decorative paint chip blend to create your own custom signature blend for your epoxy floor project. EpoxyPRO recommends to always broadcast our non-slip #46 grit aluminum oxide into all floor coating applications as a last and final step.  

CUSTOM COLORS: are available for an additional cost and a minimum of 15-gallon order. Please call:1-877-703-7699 for pricing.

RECOMMENDATIONS; for your safety and for that of others please keep in mind that many types of floor finishes may be slippery when wet with snow, rain, water, fluids and/or any inconspicuous foreign substances that may create a potential slip hazard. Keeping floors clean and dry is recommended.

Please note the following non-slip recommendations:

  • Aluminum Oxide #46 Grit Broadcast is recommended to be used with: PURE 100% Solids Epoxy or METALLIC 100% Solids Epoxy.
  • Powder Oxide Additive (only to be used with polyurethane topcoats) is recommended when a POLYURETHANE Topcoat is desired.

Epoxy Pro DIY Epoxy Floor Paint Coating Kit Application

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NEWLY POURED CONCRETE: Make sure that the newly poured concrete has had a minimum of 14 to 28 days to cure.

FOR BEST RESULTS: CONCRETE CURE TIME is dependent on the mix type of the concrete and the air and surface temperatures. Be sure to ask your concrete floor contractor for the recommended concrete cure times before applying EpoxyPRO floor coating products.

However, EpoxyPRO offers a vapor barrier primer coating for concrete floors that have not yet fully cured past the 14-28 day window. Please call EpoxyPRO for more information @ 877-703-7699 or click here to email..

Before you start the easy DIY epoxy floor paint coating installation process be sure to remove all oil stains and contaminants using a degreaser, rinse and allow the concrete to dry thoroughly before applying EpoxyPRO FLOOR PATCH KIT which is a (Two-Part 1 to 1 mix ratio) 100% Solids epoxy floor patch system. Be sure to fill all cracks followed by diamond grinding and ensure that all patched areas are ground down evenly with the floor surface so that they do not telegraph/highlight through the epoxy finish top coat. When using a shot blasting process to clean and profile your floor project, shot blast first and then vacuum thoroughly, and then patch any cracks. Once the floor patch is dry, after approximately 8 to 12 hours, hand grind and/or diamond grind the crack patch edges flush to the concrete surface to ensure a smooth finish. Follow profiling with a thorough sweeping and vacuuming of the concrete floor to remove all dirt, dust, and debris before coating application. A CLEAN PROFILED CONCRETE SURFACE IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE MOST OPTIMUM EPOXY FLOOR COATING BOND ADHESION.

Garage Floor Epoxy Case Study:

Recycling Plant

The Plant manager only had a small window of opportunity (down time) for concrete preparation and application for the remediation of contaminates, floor restoration processes, as well as the epoxy installation and its cure time.


An aluminum & plastics recycling plant outside of Detroit, MI had numerous areas of concrete floors that were deteriorating from the endless assault of acidity residue that soaks onto the concrete floor around the bottom of the recycling compactor machines during the process of recycling aluminum & plastic beverage bottles and cans. Let me paint you a picture… Thousands upon thousands of cans are sent in for recycling each week. The cans are dirty, as most cans are not rinsed out but are thrown in a bag or other type of refuse container to be picked up or taken in for recycling, and because the cans are not rinsed out everything contained in the receptacle gets covered with acidic sticky syrup residue that attracts bees, flies, and many other unwanted pests. When beverage cans are not rinsed out, they are left with sugary remnants of acidic liquid remaining inside, not to mention unknown contaminates, like cans that have been used as cigarette butt and ash receptacles (Gross!). During the recycling process this very corrosive acidic slop leaks or spills out onto the concrete substrate in front and at the base of the machines and soaking into the concrete and literally eating the cap/top of the concretes surface and dissolving it inch by inch over a period of time. The next time you buy a coke to drink you may have second thoughts.


After years of being without any protective industrial floor coating system the said concrete surface at the recycling facility finally surpassed its life span 15 to 20 feet encompassing around all the recycling compactor machines and in other concentrated areas by losing 20% of the top cap of the concrete and 10% of the exposed stone aggregate which is the layer beneath the top cap of the concrete. The recycling plant management team was faced with only two options to either remove and replace all the concrete around every machine in the plant which would cost much more money and not to mention the production down time that would put the recycling plant out of business or the second option was to hire EpoxyPRO floor specialist to repair and rebuild the loss concrete area with EpoxyPRO Novolac epoxy overlayment system which is a specialty epoxy coating system that is known in the floor coating industry as “NOVOLAC” which is epoxy resins engineered to provide highly corrosive chemical resistance at high temperatures.

To order your Garage Floor Epoxy Kit see our products page for 100% Pure Epoxy or to create a masterpiece see our Metallic Epoxy product pages.

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