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Garage Floor Coating Kit


PROBLEM: Unprotected concrete surfaces are porous and will trap dust, wear, stain, and absorb substances such as rock salt and oils, along with highly corrosive fluids such as battery acids, transmission fluids and power steering fluids. This not only contaminates your concrete substrate but also the environment below the concrete surface.

SOLUTION: EpoxyPro provides numerous indoor and outdoor, industrial strength, non-porous paint formulations that are ideal for the preservation, protection, restoration and beautification of industrial, commercial and residential concrete floors. EpoxyPro coating's protect concrete from wear due to it being harder and more durable than concrete itself (10,000 x compression strength per square inch (PSI) versus concrete of 400 PSI). EpoxyPro is solvent free with ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) and when mixed together the 2-component formula forms a 100% solids epoxy floor sealer. EpoxyPro is safe to use, is safe for the environment and beautifies floors easily and affordably.

COMPETETIVE ADVANTAGES: EpoxyPro industrial strength coatings sealer and paint is superior to all oil-based, solvent-based and water-based paints, and coatings that are less then 100% volume solids. EpoxyPro is 100% volume solids resin based which provides a more durable film than either paint or urethane-based coatings can provide. 5x thicker than water-based products, EpoxyPro products provide a PERMANENT SOLUTION to bare and unsightly concrete. Our formulas have a unique attribute of self-leveling and with it's durable and non-porous surface, that is impervious to all chemicals, including rock salt, it prevents oils and other fluids from penetrating and absorbing into it's surface that may cause staining and contamination.

This easy-to-clean formula has a medium to high gloss finish and will increase light reflection up to 400% depending on how much open floor space is available.

1 STANDARD EPOXY Kit will cover up to 500 sq ft (1 standard 2.5 car garage). Please Note: Porous substrates may require more product.



EpoxyPro uses a proprietary formula that allows for 40% extended work time making it less stressful for the do-it-yourself home or business owner. The ease of installation is equally as impressive as the finish and the affordability. Please See Application Instructions under resources tab.


100% solids Industrial grade epoxy is often overlooked when it comes to resurfacing your home or office floors. Conventional flooring like carpet and wood are susceptible to staining and can easily succumb to scuffing, abrasion and moisture. Tile, wood and vinyl are all good choices when remodeling but, what if you could create a look that's unique and never needs replacing? An EpoxyPro Floor coating is the PERMANENT SOLUTION! A great and low maintenance alternative that is durable and moisture resistant. With EpoxyPro floor paint, you won’t have to worry about scuffs from shoes or furniture or worry about spilled drinks and food staining your floors. EpoxyPro's specially formulated industrial food-grade epoxy provides a maintenance-free, final and worry free solution to your floors.


EpoxyPro floor paint comes in a wide range of beautiful colors and finishes, thereby providing the perfect finishing touch to your project. Transform living, recreation and office spaces with your own personal sense of style. Bring that outdated den to life, energize your loft, add the "Kool" factor to your Man-Cave, or freshen up that tired old laundry room. Painting with epoxy is a great way to put the finishing touch on any project. Create a whole new easy to clean space for your guests and family.

Low Maintenance

One of the worst experiences that you can have is spending a day scrubbing and cleaning after a party. Luckily, cleaning is easy with epoxy flooring. Unlike carpet or wood, epoxy floor paint resists stains and can easily be wiped clean.


Purchase an EpoxyPro Epoxy Kit for your flooring project,

the flooring transformation will astound you!


BUY EpoxyPro INDUSTRIAL GRADE Floor Coating Systems for their ADVANTAGES:

+ Available in a conveniently packaged kit

+ More affordable, visually appealing & durable than tile, wood or carpet

+ More cost effective than acid staining & many other custom finishes

+ The ease of application is equally as impressive as the finish and price

+ 100% Epoxy solids with low odor and VOC’s

+ Food safe – USDA approved

+ Low maintenance

+ DIY & Contractor friendly




BUY NOW! Available DIY Epoxy Kits!

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