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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about EpoxyPRO epoxy garage floor coatings kit:

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Q. Will your floor lift if my tires are hot? 

A.  When curred EpoxyPro paint will not lift from hot tire traffic.

Q. I put a cheap epoxy on my floor and now it's peeling, can I paint over it with your epoxy?

No. you need to profile floor for proper adhesion by sanding or diamond grinding.

Q.  Do I have to add the non-skid additive?

No but it’s a good idea to put around entry ways or where water may be present in foot traffic areas.

Q.  My floor has a lot of oil and grease stains. Do I need to remove these before I coat the floor?

Yes, to really prepare the floor for proper bond adhesion, rent a cement floor sander at your local equipment rental company.

Q.  My floor is cracked. Do I need to patch this before I paint?

Yes, if you want a smooth finish to your floor. Purchase the EpoxyPRO Floor patch kit or purchase a non-silicon, cementitious product which can be purchased at your local hardware store. However, solid epoxy resins patch kits are a superior, self-leveling system that will provide a smoother, longer lasting solution.

Q.  Why is your product better than other garage floor finishes?

Other garage floor finishes are not made from 100% solids epoxy resins

Q.  Will your epoxy floor finish scratch?

Yes, with sharp objects.

Q.  How long will it take to do a average 2 car garage?

Depending on floor prep, about 1.5 hours once floor is prepped (total work time of epoxy is approximately one hour).

Q.  How long to I have to wait to walk on my new floor?

Within 12 to 16 hours you can walk on it (foot traffic) depending on the air temps.

Q.  How long should I wait after installation to drive on it?

24-36 hours

Q.  What temp should my garage floor be when I install the finish?

Above 50 degrees

Q.  Is the product resistant to Gasoline when cured?

Yes, Gasoline and other common chemicals that are often fond in the garage won't effect your EpoxyPRO finish.

Q.  Can I apply this with a paint pad?

No, we recomend rolling on the product with the roller that comes with the kit.

Q.  I have wooden shelves in my garage can I paint those with your  EpoxyPRO epoxy?

No, EpoxyPRO coatings are designed for indoor cement surfaces.

Q.  Can garage floor coatings coat my pool deck, patio, sidewalk, carport, or driveway?

EpoxyPRO coatings can be used on any indoor, cementitious surface

Q.  Is EpoxyPRO Slippery when cured?

Yes, but this can be mitigated by applying aluminum oxide (non-slip additive) which is included in our kit.

Q.  Can I paint the side walls of my garage as well?

No, EpoxyPRO Garage Coatings are designed for floors due to it's self leveling characteristics.

Q.  If my garage has windows will EpoxyPRO Fade?

No, EpoxyPRO Coatings are fade resistant.

Q.  After I apply EpoxyPRO to my garage floor and it cures can I power wash it?

Yes, fully curred garage floors that have been painted with EpoxyPRO can be power washed.  However, we recomend a minimum of a 30 degree tip.


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