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Frequently Asked Questions

about EpoxyPro Floor Coatings & Kits


Q.  How long does it take to receive a kit?

A.  3-5 days. Custom orders may take a few days longer.


Q.  How do I clean and maintain the floor after I'm finished?

A.  Clean with water and a mild detergent, as needed. For best results, coat with our EpoxyPro Floor Rejuvenator every 3 months 


Q.  Is your Standard Epoxy water-based or solvent-based, and what is the difference?

A.  Our Standard epoxy is neither water-based or solvent-based. The difference is that solvent-based and water-based epoxies do not cure or perform like our 100% solids (Zero VOC's) industrial grade epoxy resins and have a lower mils thickness and are not resistant to hot tires or chemicals like solid resins epoxy.


Q.  What does 100% solids epoxy mean?

A.  It means that the composition of the product is made up of 100% solid resins and does not contain water or solvents that are additives in other epoxy or paint products.


Q.  How does high humidity affect my install?

A.  There is no impact.


Q.  Can I apply more than one coat?

A.  Yes. However, a second coat must be applied within 12-24 hours or the floor will need to be profiled again with a light sanding before adding the second coat.


Q.  Can I put a clear coat over the epoxy topcoat?

A.  Yes, a water based clear topcoat is available for additional durability and is recommended for (full rejection) heavily applied decorative chipped finishes.


Q.  What happens if there is silicone cleaning product residue on the concrete?

     A. Silicone based products like Armor All will absorb into the substrate and may prevent a lasting adhesion of          the epoxy in the tire tread areas. Please refer to the epoxy coating's floor profiling (prep) instructions                 or call us @ 877.703.7699 for tips on what you can do.


Q.  Is there a strong smell when I apply it and if so how long does it take to go away?

A.  No, there are no fumes or vapors as the product does not contain any volatile organic compounds.


Q.  Can I put a Polyurethane clear coat over the epoxy topcoat?

A. Yes, a solvent-based Polyurethane coating offers a higher wear resistance (taber abrasion) and hardness factor protecting the epoxy topcoat from heavy and high traffic volumns, particularly heavy manufacturing facilities. Please note: Use in well ventalated area, and never open or apply Volatile Organic Compound products near open flame, pilot lights, furnaces, and lit cigarettes, and etc. Protective gear is required for this product. We recommend purchasing: high quality protective eyewear, gloves and respirators. We only recommend the use of VOC products where states allow. Some states have regulations that prohibit the shipping and transporting of VOC coatings. Please check your states policy on VOC.


Q.  Is there a strong smell when I apply polyurethane, and if so how long does it take to go away?

A.  YES there is a very strong odor, due to the V.O.C.'s. and when ventilated it should take approximately 1-3 days to dissipate.

Q.  Is your product Made in the USA?

A.  Yes


Q.  Does your company offer installation services as well?

A.  Yes, we can arrange contractors in your area.


Q.  I'm not in the US. Do you ship internationally?

A.  Yes. Please contact us directly to place your order. Please call 877.70.EPOXY (37699). 


Q.  What is the most popular color for a garage?

A.  Light gray and tan are our most popular colors


Q.  Can I order custom colors and if so how?

A.  Yes, for an additional cost and a 15 gallon minimum we can custom blend any color to match your preferred color palette. Please Call 877.70.EPOXY (37699) for more information.


Q.  Can I put a logo on my garage floor?

A.  Yes, but it would require a clear coat finish once you apply the logo on the epoxy floor.


Q.  How long will my garage floor last?

A.  The product has a lifetime guarantee but we cannot guarantee the substrate or if the floor was not properly profiled for bonding and adhesion, or if it had any unforeseen out-gassing and or contamination.


Q.  Do you recommend shoe spikes for installation and if so why?

A. Yes we do, if you want to cover more square feet faster to apply epoxy, decorative fleck and aluminum oxide. Applying epoxy with shoe spikes on will allow you to walk over the entire surface (apply epoxy over the entire floor with a squeegee, then back roll the entire surface before applying decorative fleck and aluminum oxide). Without shoe spikes you'll have to mix products at a different ratio (than as shown in the Application Instructions, please see resources tab) and coat squeegee, backroll, fleck and apply aluminum oxide to one section at a time. 


Q.  I have an existing coating on my floor and it's peeling. What is the best way to remove it?

A.  Rent a diamond grinder or floor sander with a heavy grit pad to remove (profile) existing coating.


Q.  Is your product mold resistant?

A.  Yes


Q.  How will my garage floor look in 5 years?

A.  The shine may be a bit duller but as long as the floor was properly prepared and there’s no heaving, the epoxy floor will remain intact. We recommend cleaning floors as often as required and for best results use our EpoxyPro Floor Rejuvenator every 3 months to remove scratches and restore the high luster shine.


Q.  My garage floor has a moisture problem can I still install EpoxyPro?

A.  It is not recommended if there is any consistant moisture or re-occurance of moisture which is known as hydrostatic pressure.


Q.  My garage is packed! Can I move it all to one side and paint one side at a time?

A.  Yes, but you will need to mix only half of the epoxy and need a second roller to finish.


Q.  My house is brand new. How long should I wait for the concrete to cure before coating?

A.  The concrete should cure for at least 30 days before applying epoxy.


Q.  What are the downsides to using epoxy?

A.  The work time can be an issue for some DIY people. Unlike paint, the epoxy begins to cure immediately and you have only about 45 minutes work time to squeegee, back roll and apply fleck and aluminum oxide.


Q.  What is the best way to get even distribution of the color chips?

A.  Place about a quarter-size amount of decorative chips (fleck) in the palm of your hand and using an underhanded motion throw the fleck into the air. If applying fleck in a garage and there is wind, you need to “play the wind” by tossing the fleck towards the wind. To fleck the perimeter near a wall, throw fleck gently at the wall.


Q.  What does my Lifetime Warranty cover?

A.  EPC will warranty it's products against normal wear and tear for 1 year from the sale date of the product. EPC cannot guarantee the epoxy if the floor heaves, shifts or was not properly prepared. EPC will warranty its products and workmanship of authorized EPC installations from date of completion for 1 year.  EPC cannot warranty against out-gassing hydrostatic pressure, silicone spores, and unforeseen pre-existing contaminants in substrate.

Q. Will the EpoxyPro coating lift if my tires are hot? 

A.  When curred EpoxyPro paint will not lift from hot tire traffic.


Q. I put a cheap epoxy on my floor and now it's peeling, can I paint over it with your epoxy?

A. No. you need to profile floor for proper adhesion by sanding or diamond grinding.


Q.  Do I have to add the non-skid additive?

A. No, but it’s a good idea to put around entry ways or where water may be occur, in such as foot traffic areas.


Q.  My floor has a lot of oil and grease stains. Do I need to remove these before I coat the floor?

A. Yes, to really prepare the floor for proper bond adhesion rent a cement floor sander at your local equipment rental company and apply EpoxyPro Oil Stop Primer before applying epoxy coating.


Q.  My floor is cracked. Do I need to patch this before I paint?

A. Yes, if you want a smooth finish to your floor. Purchase the EpoxyPro Floor patch kit or purchase a non-silicon, cementitious product which can be purchased at your local hardware store. However, solid epoxy resins patch kits are a superior, self-leveling system that will provide a smoother, longer lasting solution.


Q.  Why is your product better than other garage floor finishes?

A. Other garage floor finishes are not made from 100% solids epoxy resins


Q.  Will your epoxy floor finish scratch?

A. Yes, with sharp objects.


Q.  How long will it take to do a average 2 car garage?

A. Depending on floor prep, about 1.5 hours once floor is prepped (total work time of epoxy is approximately one hour).


Q.  How long to I have to wait to walk on my new floor?

A. Within 12 to 16 hours you can walk on it (foot traffic) depending on the air temps.


Q.  How long should I wait after installation to drive on it?

A. 24-36 hours


Q.  What temp should my garage floor be when I install the epoxy?

A. Above 50 degrees


Q.  Is the product resistant to Gasoline when cured?

A. Yes, Gasoline and other common chemicals that are often found in the garage won't effect your EpoxyPro finish.


Q.  Can I apply this with a paint pad?

A. No, we recommend rolling on the product with the roller that comes with the kit.


Q.  I have wooden shelves in my garage can I paint those with your EpoxyPro epoxy?

A. No, EpoxyPro coatings are designed for cement surfaces.


Q.  Can garage floor coatings coat my pool deck, patio, sidewalk, carport, or driveway?

A. EpoxyPro coatings can be used on any indoor, cementitious surface. We do have outdoor options available.  Please Call 877.70.EPOXY (37699) for more information.


Q.  Is EpoxyPro Slippery when cured?

A. Yes, when it is wet. To help mitigate this factor apply aluminum oxide (non-slip additive) which is included in our kit.


Q.  Can I paint the side walls of my garage as well?

A. No, EpoxyPro Garage Coatings are designed for floors due to it's self leveling characteristics.


Q.  If my garage has windows will EpoxyPro Fade?

A. No, EpoxyPro Coatings are fade resistant.


Q.  After I apply EpoxyPro to my garage floor and it cures can I power wash it?

A. Yes, fully cured garage floors that have been painted with EpoxyPro can be power washed.  However, we recomend a minimum of a 30 degree tip.


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