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The Benefits Of Using Epoxy Pro Application Spikes

The Benefits of using EpoxyPRO Application Spikes Application Spikes are excellent for working on freshly applied floor coatings and can be worn during the coating process. Wearing spikes during in the installation process provides great advantages and is worth the low cost. By using application spikes you can complete the application process for the entire floor versus one section at a time without them.

The EpoxyPRO Application Spikes are worn over your shoes or boots and require you to be very careful when walking as you can easily slip on the wet surface. Before placing your Application Spikes over your shoes or boots, be sure all of the spikes are tight as a precaution. It’s also important to be sure that the straps are not dragging on the floor if you have smaller feet. Remove any excess but cutting the straps shorter or by taping them to your shoes.

Once you have your “mixing station” established (see The Epoxy Floor Systems) and your tools are in place and prior to you mixing the epoxy, carefully place the spikes on your shoes or boots and tighten the straps. Then, mix your epoxy for at least 3 minutes with the mixing wand and let set for another 60-120 minutes to let any air bubbles surface. Next, carefully walk to the back corner of the garage and pour a little epoxy a few inches away from the corners of the floor and use the supplied paint brush to cut in the corners. Remember, this is epoxy and it will "flow" into the corners so you’re kind of pushing it versus brushing it. Repeat in all of the corners and around the base of the garage door frame (this will also protect the aluminum from rusting). Next, take the bucket to the corner where you will begin and pour a line of epoxy the length of the floor using just enough to cover that section (about 8”-10" wide). Place the bucket in the middle of the floor behind you and grab the squeegee. While slightly angling the squeegee about 20 degrees, pull and/or push the epoxy squeegee to spread the epoxy over that area. Along the walls you will need to let the epoxy flood the edge and cut in using the squeegee.

Once you squeegee the entire area with epoxy, carefully walk to the back of the garage or room to use the roller to paint the floor by going over the area you just covered. This step will go very fast as the epoxy will easily cover the area without lines that you normally get when using a paint roller on a wall. Once you have back rolled the entire area, grab the decorative fleck bag and carefully walk to the back of the garage where you began. Place about a quarter size amount in your hand and in an underhand motion, toss the fleck up in the air so that it falls evenly on this surface. Repeat until you cover the area with the desired amount of decorative fleck – some people prefer a lighter application rather than a heavily flecked floor. When near the walls, toss the fleck against them so that the edges get covers. If there is wind, you may need to through the fleck with the wind to adequately cover the area.

It is very important to your safety to carefully pick up your feet with the spikes as you first don’t want to slip and secondly, you do not want to leave spikes marks on the floor as you apply the decorative fleck and non-slip aluminum oxide. As always, call our toll free customer service line at 1-877-70-EPOXY (1-877-703-7699) if you have any questions or need installation advice or tips.