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Choice for Performance and Durability


Epoxy Floor Coating – The Choice for Performance and Durability

When looking to paint a floor of a home, office, or industrial site, it is essential to get a paid that will offer the right performance and quality needed for that area. If a manufacturing plant needs to repaint their concrete floors, they are going to want something that is durable and cost effective. An extremely popular way to protect floor surfaces is Epoxy floor coating.  Epoxy floor coating can be purchased at any home hardware or improvement store. Aside from manufacturing plants, numerous homeowners are relying of floor coating epoxy especially for their basements, garages, and even kitchens. It is a great protective sealant that offers a number of advantageous features.

EpoxyPRO products will revive any dull surface. Even if it is a basement or garage, homeowners want their floor surfaces to pop and come to life.  Epoxy provides a shiny floor that is extremely easy to clean because it does not absorb anything. And even though it is very shiny, people walking across the floor will not slip and become injured.

It acts as a great protective sealant. Laboratories, manufacturing plants, garages, and even in kitchens people are apt to spilling various hard-to-clean items. On any normal cement surface, these items would seep through the cement because it is permeable, causing irrevocable damage, including cracks and stains. This means eventually the flooring would either need to be repaired or replaced. With epoxy floor coating, floors are protectively sealed. Spills can be wiped up within an instant and individuals do not have to hassle so much with different cleaning agents. It seals the surface so chemical agents are not able to permeate through to the concrete.

When it comes to floors, durability is always important when it comes to floor coating. Most paints, such as water-based epoxy and latex, scratch easily and require touch ups at least once a year. Not only is it frustrating, it is very cost ineffective. EpoxyPRO Floor coating epoxy, on the other hand, is extremely durable.  The molecular bond associated with our epoxy is much stronger than other paints, which makes it the perfect match for floors that see lots of foot traffic or house heavy machinery. Furthermore, garages, basements, and industrial areas are often subject to a lot of pressure from vehicles and equipment. Therefore, any floor surface needs to be covered in something that is able to sustain all the pressure without causing what is underneath to become destroyed. EpoxyPRO floor epoxy is able to absorb pressure and not cause what is underneath, like cement, from crumbling and causing the floor to become unstable.

EpoxyPRO, is the premier floor coating epoxy and it is very affordable. Because it lasts a long time, sometimes even decades, without having to be touched up, it is also a good investment. Numerous individuals are choosing epoxy for their floor coating in many places because it is inexpensive and easy to mix and then use. As previously mentioned, just about any home improvement store will have floor coating epoxy available in a number of different colors, which is good for homeowners who want the strength of epoxy floor coating but still want it to match the décor of their home.