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Epoxy Floor Coating – Offering Benefits for Untreated Concrete

Epoxy concrete floor coating

Epoxy Floor Coating – Offering Benefits for Untreated Concrete

Whether it’s an existing unsightly surface or a brand new installation, all concrete flooring will benefit from the application of a quality epoxy floor coating. There are serveral advantages of epoxy flooring. It is attractive, easy to maintain, and has a low installed cost that will enhance the value of any home or building.

While a bare concrete floor can withstand tremendous weight and pressure, it is relatively porous and susceptible to significant damage when left untreated. If exposed to regular foot traffic or the demands of a commercial environment, concrete will readily absorb dirt, chemicals, oils and other debris. This often results in stains, cracks and abrasions that can make the floor impossible to clean and unattractive in appearance.

In contrast, a simple application of a quality coating to a floor will provide a glossy finish while protecting the entire surface. Epoxy is not only resistant to stains and spills, but it also provides a secure barrier against moisture penetration. Sealing with epoxy deprives mold, fungi and other biological agents of the nutrients they need to grow.

A coating can be applied directly to the concrete floor of any enclosed area. When mixed together, the two-part system produces a polymer-based material that is much more durable than a traditional latex or enamel paint at the molecular level. As a result, it is not only appropriate for decorative applications but will withstand the punishment that occurs in garages, basements, industrial facilities and other locations with harsh conditions. Years of sustained use have proven the effectiveness and durability of epoxy as a premium protective floor coating in nearly any environment.

In addition to sealing, beautifying, and protecting, an epoxy floor coating can also serve as a filler for small cracks and separations in the concrete. It can also be applied to smooth out rough or uneven spots on the surface of the floor. Another added benefit to epoxy is its high reflectivity properties. In low light areas, an application will provide a high-gloss finish that can help improve lighting dynamics by up to 200-400%.

Cleaning epoxy flooring is fast and easy since dirt, liquids and other materials do not bond directly with the surface. In most cases, a simple swipe of a cloth or mop will remove spills and debris while leaving the floor looking clean and attractive. Epoxy floors are also easy to maintain with just regular sweeping and wet mopping to remove accumulated dirt and grime.

Epoxy coatings offer substantial benefits when compared to untreated concrete or other floor covering systems. When planning an epoxy floor coating installation, it is important to remember that purchasing high quality material with 100% solids content will always result in a more appealing and longer lasting floor system.