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Epoxy PRO 100% solids resins epoxy floor coating for Garage Floors Commercial 100% Solids Epoxy Floor Paint For Basements !00% Solids Epoxy Floor Paint For Residential and Office Applications Commercial Applications RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL EPOXY FLOOR COATING SYSTEMS


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PRESERVE: 100% solids resin based epoxy that resists hot tire marks, chemicals, abrasions, salt and oil.

PROTECT: 5x thicker than water-based epoxy, EpoxyPRO provides self leveling surface restoration and repair.

BEAUTIFY: 200-400% increased light reflectivity, easy to clean, and slip resistant.


Epoxy PRO WarrantyEpoxyPRO Garage and Basement Floor Painting Kits and Commercial Floor Restoration Kits provide an industrial strength, non-porous floor coating made from 100% solids resin based epoxy that is ideal the preservation, protection, restoration and beautification of industrial, commercial and residential cement floors. EpoxyPRO's floor painting products protects concrete from wear because it is actually harder (10,000 X compression strength per square inch (psi) verses concrete of 400 pounds psi) and more durable than the concrete itself. 

EpoxyPRO epoxy is superior to garage floor paint, urethane-based, and water-based or other epoxy-type coatings bought in stores because it's 5x thicker than water-based epoxy and provides self-leveling surface restoration and easy repair. EpoxyPRO's durable, non-porous epoxy 100% solids resins epoxy prevents oils and fluids from penetrating and absorbing into its surface causing contamination and staining.

EpoxyPRO uses a proprietary formula that allows for 40% extended work time making it less stressful for the do-it-yourself home or business owner. This formula has a medium to high gloss luster finish and will increase lighting between 200% and 400% depending on how much floor space is open or occupied by equipment. EpoxyPRO is easy to clean, slip resistant and maintenance free.